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0.917 > HDHomeRun Looks interesting, I have not cut the cord yet, kids love the kid channels and I love NCAA Football.
0.877 Easy to say when it works for you :P They're making great strides, sure, but if I'm paying $15 a month for one cable channel, I expect better results.
0.869 Ensure the rich get rich and we're their little workers.
0.866 Very nice lady gave me a great deal for a 2 year contract for their ~~25~~ 75 Mbps for like $29 a month.
0.863 Probably not as much streaming content as Hoopla, but it's a great service if your library is supported.
0.848 Wow this is great news!
0.844 Hope you have good luck in your new digs!
0.813 Enjoy your freedom.
0.802 Plus I'm hopeful that Google will enhance the Live Channels app to make it a true all-in-one machine. The Mi Box looks nice but it can't handle Plex playback like the Shield.
0.772 Yeah this is pretty much it, I work for a telco which has effectively sworn to recoup cable losses with increased internet and mobile prices.

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-0.827 I've never used one, but I have several Fire Sticks and they can be painfully slow.
-0.816 Reddit, you did it!1!! All those retarded posts about meaningless things such as emails and Benghazi have netted you exactly what you wanted.
-0.807 At first, the service was flaky and the Interface sucked dead gophers through a rusted tailpipe.
-0.796 This won't change until someone attacks the problem at its core: the ridiculous copyright law.
-0.770 Unprofessional and not clean. I would recommend not running coax.
-0.753 As a FU to att, I downloaded a bunch of stuff and now I'm nearly maxed on my account.
-0.697 Most of the complaints about data caps are because they are arbitrary and useless.
-0.691 They blamed it on us that they kept losing the connection to our database.
-0.681 Hell yea, Luther series 4
-0.664 I'm not familiar with mlb.tv, but wouldn't a VPN solve your problem?
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