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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.935 With power why would you stay?!?!?! That's like slaves gaining freedom and deciding to stay on the plantation and work for free.
0.932 Haha wow best of luck Sherlock
0.917 When his family returns, he is going to share the gift with them. In the PS he is joking with a friend about his ability to play dominos.
0.896 Not letting me edit for some reason but I feel it's also important to mention that it's been very apparent over the years Kanye and Ian are close friends and trust one another
0.885 As always, nothing will come of this, but if the responsible party is identified, I say we have a good old fashion lynching.
0.871 I guess the Elites favor the USA over Russia, but they love playing both sides and watching the fireworks.
0.859 the cia is waiting for him in oslo where a super friendly extradition program awaits him and a cuban-bound plane can be warmed up for him.
0.844 In high doses you can feel euphoric like you've taken an opioid, and in low and moderate doses it's just excellent pain relief.
0.840 I've seen what would have been considered "controversial" punk bands play bowling alleys and the VFW hall. >Did your venue you have "bands" like heavy breathing play there? Yes.
0.837 Its totally cool to not like Hillary, but saying that Donald Trump is honest is the biggest fucking joke I have ever heard.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.962 Assange is dead so wikileaks isn't safe: Assange is dead and wikileaks is being discredited only because he was killed.
-0.929 I fear that if this conspiracy stuff is wrong, real people and businesses are getting hurt by it.
-0.927 They are probably hiding it because they are sick of seeing disrespectful cunts spouting hatred
-0.926 \>links to the daily mail \>is mad at people pointing out that it's probably bullshit because it's the daily mail Nobody forced you to link to the daily fail, bro
-0.926 If you commit murder, you will go to prison, so don't commit murder. Rehabilitation to put the perpetrator back onto the street.
-0.912 Teenagers in some cases, thrown at German machineguns or leagues of Russian men into walls of Austrian rifle fire. Nowadays we [kinda] see war for what it is: a horrible waste of life.
-0.908 I hate Ted Cruz but it was more than just the birth, lying about it is a big one oh and the ties to that American hating church.
-0.907 The thing is that censoring and bullying never work in favor of the censor or the bully in the long game
-0.906 A vaguely islamic guy uses an 'assault rifle' to murder gays and racks up the biggest kill count in Us History...they couldn't have written that better if they tried.
-0.902 Just imagine the fucked up sneaky shit he does 99.99% of the time when there is no one watching over him.
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