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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.961 Sounds like he was a great guy and was loved and appreciated by friends like you.
0.957 Continue to love deeper than you think it's wise to love someone since it's obvious the roots of your love *start* there. Learn what your baby's needs are and be there for them as well.
0.955 It's an amazing resource, and even if you have to travel to get to one, it's worth it. Please, stay safe, get some help, and maybe tell some friends or family for support.
0.952 To let them pass through your mind calmly and then move on with your day. Love your beautiful wife and your sweet daughter, and make their lives as happy and long as you can.
0.952 It sounds like you were both lucky to have such a special friendship, try to spend your time left here celebrating that, maybe drink a Guinness in his honor every once in a while!
0.952 Become a pizza delivery guy and hope you get a lovely surprise from a nice looking female customer as seen in those lovely videos on the brighter side of the internet...
0.945 Congratulations, sounds like you've achieved your major life goal, something not a whole lot of people get to do. Just try your best to not freak out and enjoy every second of it, you made it.
0.944 Stay strong and don't cave you deserve the same respect, gratitude and appreciation as anyone else and your time is just as valuable as any of your siblings.
0.943 I'm lucky to have a few good friends, but he was my best friend.
0.941 It will still not take all of your free time, but will wow your co workers and senior management to the point where you go from a good employee to a special employee.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.948 Not sure why you have so much hatred, but hatred is like poison, you harm yourself as much as anyone else.
-0.943 Don't cause a fight, but cause them to open their dull stupid eyes to their selfishness and stupidity.
-0.942 Now, getting depressed for stupid shit might be a sign of immaturity, still your comment came off kind if rude towards older people that struggle with depression.
-0.937 Man, I've wasted 7+ years and $150k+ to work a shit job for shit pay where I come home to shit.
-0.934 Go to /r/TrueOffMyChest, Mods are WAY better and I would HATE for this guy to be banned because he said the word FUCK on the shittiest day.
-0.925 I like a good joke too, but this is not funny; the fact that you don't care you are stealing makes it all the worse.
-0.921 I use to think it would break my heart to see him with someone new but he recently got broken up with and I felt a deep sadness wash over me that felt worse than when he left me.
-0.920 I was abusive for threatening suicide.
-0.916 I'm not saying that's any kind of life and I don't know about anyone else, but I'm terrified of dying because I don't know what happens when you die.
-0.915 She was dragging you into her despair when alive and killed herself in the most selfish fashion imaginable and continues to drag you down today. You have every right to be angry with her.
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