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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.978 My code will be so good, so amazing it will make everyone say "Wow that programming language is the most luxurious, the greatest programming asset in the world really, the best"
0.947 This was really great, I would love to expand upon this and have it cycle through strategies to try and find the best one for a game.
0.936 On the other hand it might be a great success and encourage young minds to learn more about computer science.
0.929 Haha, its winning strategy on Tetris was pretty great.
0.926 :-D His proofs and examples were awesome though, the math really was quite lovely.
0.926 Popularizing science and astrophysics to inspire young mind is also a pretty sweet contribution to humanity as well.
0.924 One really impressive project or a few mildly impressive ones will go a long way in giving people experience as well as help them in interviews.
0.922 With all the emphasis on frameworks these days, it's encouraging to see them showing interest in people dealing with more fundamental topics as well. Thanks for sharing.
0.919 9,900, but I agree it would have been better if they'd emphasized how a 10x increase in the input size resulted in a 100x increase in amount of work required.
0.917 Programming in TeX seems to require true heroism, how something like TikZ and PGF can be built and maintained is always a miracle to me.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.922 Here, being the only person to defect does not improve your reward, since you get 100% if you're the only defector and you get 100% if there are no defectors.
-0.908 Turing's death is a shame and a tragedy.
-0.897 I didn't like it, but I didn't think it was _too_ bad; most of the trivialities were sufficiently warned about, and so they were more questions of preparation than of obscure knowledge.
-0.891 Out of all the ways a person has ever died, being killed for wearing a rubber coat is probably one of the lamest.
-0.891 Probably because 1) they did a really bad job, and 2) it looks largely copied from a previous "algo cheat sheet" that was similarly bad.
-0.891 It's the reason why bad people get hired and companies shit out bad code.
-0.880 I knew this was fake just by the proportions but the fact that thousands of people saw and took that for fact really irritates me and the whole fake news trend.
-0.875 He committed suicide in 1954 after being arrested & subjected to horrible "experiments" for being gay.
-0.875 No really, I have NO idea what in hell they are talking about...
-0.872 > If you can launch a targeted attack to find a collision, your hash function is broken No.
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