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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.953 I also love getting a gift, even if it's not something I'd normally like, just the fact that they thought about me and got a gift is the true gift in my eyes.
0.919 Since you asked personally: I've had several friends turn into lovers, and several lovers turn into friends.
0.917 You have brought much laughter and joy to me over the years with your amazing art and sense of humor.
0.898 The way he says "cannon fodder" and "what to do, what to think, and what to *feel*" continue to be used as my best examples of good expression in tone What an amazing speaker
0.887 Interestingly, I'm generally conversant irl but I'm more confident and completely fluent in my dreams!
0.886 You're welcome, it's a favorite of mine, thought your post would fit nicely.
0.826 I've learned to love it, not death itself and its often slow destruction, but the way it makes me feel about how beautiful the people I know and place I live is.
0.818 Thank you so much for the smiles and good feelings.
0.817 Good gift giving is not hard.
0.813 Hahaha, I mean, wouldn't the cars always win?

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.941 Nah the guy she sent to kill sw told her she's dead and she didn't double check with the mirror because evil queens are idiots.
-0.900 Irrational anger may be a reaction to feeling threatened or frustrated.
-0.896 This makes intuitive sense, as being stressed usually meant being in danger, and if you're in danger, you should not take time to think things over: it's fight or flight.
-0.852 The worst is when "Operation Itchy Nose" coincides with "Mission Hands Covered In Something Gross"
-0.849 And Jabba doesn't seem like the "randomly destroy things in a rage" kind of Hutt.
-0.836 Fuck cancer.
-0.813 If anyone else has cancer feel free to reach out to me if you want to talk about it, although I can't be of much use to anyone who has lost someone to cancer, that's a different ball game.
-0.807 http://i.imgur.com/ya4xPKI.png For the lazy EDIT: my bad tried to help the lazy and ended up being too lazy to put in the research
-0.802 My father passed away on the 9th after about 3 years of struggling with Stage IV colon cancer.
-0.796 Not just cancer, but any condition or illness, or even a mental illness.
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