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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.966 I'm proud of you for having the strength to pursue your goals despite outside pressure, and happy it's working out for you. Good luck and congrats!
0.940 Honestly yes but I love the ripstick so I say go for what makes you happy
0.939 Both of you guys are completely correct imo, good luck op sounds like a great opportunity
0.938 Currently on way home after first semester, finals week was super stressful but the minute you finish that last final it feels great, all my finals went alot better than expected too which helps!
0.935 Sure, it might be nice to live alone and you can definitely make friends elsewhere, it's just super convenient when you live together to go out and get dinner with people, play board games, etc.
0.927 It's about taking care of your friends, and being open with and interested in the people who you'd like to be your friends in the future.
0.925 <3 That's amazing, and I'm so, so, so happy for you!
0.922 If you're enjoying the education too, that's awesome. I'm genuinely so happy for you.
0.920 Going out and partying was really rewarding when you are spending your own monies. Also, having a house party was always an awesome way to make money.
0.920 The new law does not ban travel to the United States, or admission into the United States, and the great majority of Visa Waiver Program travelers will not be affected.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.941 Honestly, in my senior year of HS, I actually had the worst Algebra teacher that kept being a hardass on me and I was struggling with a death in the family + depression and I was getting sick a lot.
-0.922 You think wasting money is terrible, but you don't imagine wasting $223 million on 8,000 students only to have it pissed down the drain.
-0.918 Ugh, Canvas is almost as bad as Moodle. I used to hate Blackboard until I had to use them and saw just how bad LMSs could get.
-0.917 Glad that you can do that, but sucks that my girlfriend has a shitty ass professor who wouldn't do that for her.
-0.902 I don't really have any advice for OP either, but simply implying they're wasting their time majoring in humanities is misleading, and frankly a bit rude.
-0.891 I hate that software its such bullshit that you have to have the exact anwser in yhe exact form wanted or its wrong.
-0.881 I know that this does work for some people, but all it does is make me miserable for a day before I fall back into my shitty schedule.
-0.878 Its these same people who in a month from now will post talking about how they failed due to mental issues or depression or that the professor is unfair or something.
-0.874 > potential ban Iran may place in retaliation. There is now a ban but when the comment was first posted there wasn't. Either way it still sucks for her :/
-0.863 Then I started losing points on stupid shit and the instructor just said "It was in the syllabus".
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