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0.952 As an example, a poor but entertaining thing to watch is Amadeus-- it is a biography/drama about Mozart, and is a great introduction into why he was so damn great. Happy hunting!
0.943 He was very nice with a good sense of humour, and these are all reflected in his music which is often happy and jovial.
0.942 Satie and Debussy are delicate as well, but I can't make three pianists with the same traits, so I've used the joke about the scales instead :) Hope you like it anyway !
0.940 Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good.
0.934 You'll also find that your sax playing will improve as well, since bassoon is far less forgiving in breath control and embouchure, it will help improve your discipline as well.
0.934 Thank you for the detailed post! I've never played strings, but learned a few woodwinds and loved playing the tuba. I've read about the old violins and how there are excellent reproductions today.
0.932 That's got to be a good thing. Now, there's a kind of repertoire that will take that treatment well and a kind that won't, but it's a mistake to treat all art music as a precious delicate gem.
0.931 I've listened to a lot of his stuff because of that and I like it, but I'd like to know more about the music other than, 'Yeah I like it' so I can talk to him and impress him.
0.931 Thanks! It's wonderful she's interested in some really excellent music!
0.929 Really interesting stuff, thank you Luckybeargod. On an off-topic side note, this is the first time I've stumbled into this subreddit, and I just wanted to say I LOVE your voting arrows :)

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-0.961 Maybe for most of his life, but towards the end of his life: >Mendelssohn suffered from poor health in the final years of his life, probably aggravated by nervous problems and overwork.
-0.908 Sadly, Granados died during World War I, victim of a German submarine as he was sailing to I know not where.
-0.903 I know the theory of an "instrument black-market" sounds crazy, but kids these days are so damn screwed up anyway. File with your insurance asap.
-0.881 I was drunk off moonshine and trying to play Flow My Tears on the guitar last night but it was a miserable failure.
-0.872 Well, he did die a slow miserable death from cirrhosis...
-0.869 monteverdi, who was no slouch, knew who was the bad bitch was when it came to the organ looking forwad to more of your insights, voiceofexperience!
-0.869 Have a [listen] for the fate motif of the descending scale, and the tragic weeping and death that this movement conjures up for me.
-0.856 It was long believed that this was suicide, and that Tchaikovsky had written his own death in his music.
-0.855 Poor Bach is so misunderstood :(
-0.840 Quit with the edgy crap and quit arguing a bullshit argument to come off as better than other people.
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