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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.924 Teams are at the top of my wishlist for content to be added in the game. Teams are great for two big reasons: 1) Playing with your friends is obviously a lot more fun.
0.915 They had all these great techs that were mediocre bonuses. It had great ideas, they just needed something to flesh 'em out and bring 'em to the forefront. And maybe a non-terrible UI.
0.894 It would be better if civ 2 test of time won this award
0.891 I can't help but picture one of the developers patiently explaining to the AI the meaning of friendship. **Dev:** You see AI, friends are people we like and get along with.
0.886 It's much loved because of the puns, double entendres and delicious baked goods made, to a commentary by some adored British Icons.
0.882 Newer games may come out, but it doesnt matter youll always come back to play this one.* I'm pretty sure the community is split on whether they will even go back to Civ V after the VI release.
0.881 Gotta love that sweet, sweet culture.
0.877 I was denounced by Pedro II every two or three turns in early game for having more great people than he did, while he was not competing for a single great person!
0.866 Whoa. >When loading a game, the era blurb will be the current era of the saved game, rather than the starting era of the game. This is great. Some nice minor visual changes too.
0.863 Since bonus Citizen are not count to the Housing and Food required to growth, Venice quickly can have big native population AND bonus citizens.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.950 What pisses me off is when I'm DEFENDING in a war that I didn't start and I take a city to stop the ATTACKER I get denounced for being a war monger?
-0.937 Can only be used by high level spies, and has a high risk of failure. Disguise: The spy pretends he/she is from another civilization and reveals him/herself on purpose, getting arrested or killed.
-0.883 You can read the Civilopedia for more info, but the gist of it is that the more wars you participate in and the more units you lose, the more minus amenities your cities get.
-0.857 Undetected might mean that the spy himself is not detected or that they assume it was nit robbed but destroyed in an accident
-0.814 It would be weird because Poznan is in 3 tile range of both hexes. I killed the spearman and moved my engineer at the same time so I can't be sure.
-0.807 I like it when they propose a deal, such as their lux for your lux, but when you click accept they say FU no deal.
-0.790 I love Finland for doing it, but I'm really afraid that at some point they're going to get punished hard for taking cities all over the place and making their borders utterly insane.
-0.784 Denounce spam is very annoying.
-0.778 Nevermind the scout, what about that poor village trapped behind the ice never to see the light of day!
-0.778 Alexander manages to fuck me almost every game, im getting sick of it aha
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