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0.772 I've been managing a plant using Supercritical CO2 to extract plants' flavors. It's using 300 atm / 60C CO2 and is just amazing. Though, 300 atm, the machine needs to be in good shape or else...
0.764 Friendly safety reminder that HV plasma emits UV light and you should wear eye protection if you don't want to risk getting cataracts
0.737 Original vdeo: Cerium - A Metal, which forms BRIGHT SPARKS! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HSa9MvYc90E&t=2s
0.733 Passion for the work makes the content so much better.
0.728 That was sort of soothing to watch & 100% awesome.
0.716 [Source: Me!!!] If you liked the gif then please watch the video if you can to give me views.
0.709 I know the answer is probably nothing - but what if it was a really strong magnet?
0.700 That's taking trust in your gloves too far for comfort for me.
0.700 So my theory, based on this gif, is they have to use more yellow dye to get a bright yellow than they do blue to get a bright blue
0.699 It looks like a time lapse of a night, so cool!

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.848 Once the air reaches the match, all hell breaks loose as the cold air mixes with the hot gases above the match in a turbulent mess.
-0.807 At first the bubbles grows, it then reaches an unstable size, and then it violently collapses.
-0.796 Gaseous iodine will fuck up your shit.
-0.769 'Bubbles' is kind of misleading, as it's more a vacuum which collapses with high pressure and speed.
-0.681 I don't think school pranks are going to take a page out of the terrorism playbook and claim responsibility.
-0.660 Ill be damned, Billy Mays was right.
-0.660 I have 100% no understanding as to why it caught fire, but it caught fire every time we did this.
-0.649 You can take a dead lighter apart and get the spring and the flint, twist the flint into the spring so you can hold it and then use another lighter to heat it up.
-0.641 suddenly FUCK YEA
-0.572 I hate to be "that guy" but....
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