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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.965 We did our best to facilitate a **party**. If you were hosting a party at your house and you had all your friends and friends of friends and everyone was having a great time.
0.958 It's a tough race in the primaries, but Aaron wins the nomination for the Red Party, and Carly wins the nomination for the Blue Party.
0.950 Calling them heroes reminds them to use their position of trust for the benefit of society, somewhat like priming. It may also help encourage people to enlist.
0.948 Seems like a horrible candidate, but at least not as bad as the first. Imagine a third party which is absolutely wonderful and you agree with them 100%.
0.947 but certainly there are some amount of Sanders supporters who wanted a non-party endorsed outsider, and who effectively wanted to "break the system." Trump certainly fits that bill.
0.944 Maybe there is a chance he will make some real progress on the campaign finance reform front, which will be a very important long-term gain for both the major parties as well as third parties.
0.941 I think we ought to be careful when weighing a societal need against an individual liberty and personally I would lean towards respecting the individual's liberty the best we can.
0.940 It doesn't have to be fine art, or beautiful, or well executed, or intelligent, or a good use of resources, or clever.
0.938 People like to say he's "in it for himself", but remember he has grandchildren he loves dearly and cares about their future too.
0.938 Littered throughout scripture are denouncements of the rich and the wealthy, of how wealth corrupts the soul and how the poor are blessed to be free of the trap of riches.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.970 > When I was in jail, it saddened me how difficult the institution made it to kill yourself and if you failed, harsh punishments followed. What were the punishments?
-0.965 Then you hear the woman start crying again and you just want to cry and die at the same time then BAM twitching ghost bitch in your face jump scare at your most vulnerable moment.
-0.965 Most of the problems people commit suicide over have other solutions, but the suicidal person has an all-or-nothing mindset, or is suffering from depression or things of that nature.
-0.962 I know our immigration system needs to be restructured to allow for more guest workers, but just turning a blind eye to illegal immigration is actually hurting and killing the migrant workers.
-0.962 Humanity is a violent and competitive race that has been fighting, killing, stealing, raping, and pillaging since before we were a distinct species.
-0.961 Hate crimes are way more common than Muslim terrorism, hell, crimes against Muslims in the US are more common than Muslim terrorism.
-0.960 It might be a cheap trick but to some people it can still be scary. Movies with a lot of jumpscares should at least have some kind of label so that people who hate horror movies can avoid them.
-0.958 but people often talk about how morally acceptable is to kill people, be it death sentences, sanctioned suicide or eugenics.
-0.958 Most circumstance-based elements don't require mens rea: It's a federal crime to murder a federal agent, even if the killer had no reason to suspect the victim was a federal agent.
-0.957 It is the reason you don't get charged with murder if you kill somebody in a car accident, even if you were at fault in the accident .
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