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0.949 Yeah, I saw the page, I was just giving you a hard time, haha. Always appreciated the videos man, and congrats on the success.
0.944 Yeah well, it is easy to be classy and nice when you are the best.
0.930 Wow thanks a lot for this, really helpful anyway is their any chance the series extends to more "experience based" stuff like parking, turning, spacing etc.
0.926 I didn't know much about them but they looked SO cool and were pretty fuel efficient and inexpensive to get.
0.922 Pretty sure you can get a v6 and genesis, which is much nicer, better looking, handles better, and is much quicker for about the same price.
0.916 Awesome pictures! I need to go to the ring someday, that gt3rs is too sexy :D
0.913 Also, I am releasing daily vlogs from now on for people who are interested to know what the life looks like for the "Nrburgers". Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone!
0.911 Pretty sure the gxps get some love, especially the hard tops.
0.904 Fast, comfortable, has a surpising amount of luggage space, sounds awesome, and looks lovely in my garage.
0.901 Compared to Detroit and LA its definitely a large step down, but they have a good bit of everything except super high end.

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-0.897 Fuck that new Star Wars was good Edit: only read username, that story is either fake or is very very unfortunate
-0.890 No, by your logic if you shot your rifle in the air and your neighbor was so pissed he burned your house down then he shouldn't get charged because you were doing something illegal anyway.
-0.886 anyone who fucks their car with an excessive amount of negative camber is a total fucking idiot.
-0.881 I could afford it, but insurance and gas would be a pain in the ass.
-0.872 Those who broke the transmission due to abuse, were denied a warranty transmission replacement.
-0.867 you and the mad scientist gonna rip apart the block and replace the piston rings for this poor guy?
-0.852 I honestly could stop being so angry and chill out after someone does something stupid, but that doesn't stop stupid things from happening around me.
-0.848 Would explain lack of wheels being fucked. If they hit it under braking that would also dip the nose causing a collision without it hitting anything else further back on the car.
-0.844 Owned for just over a year until it fell to shit so bad I scrapped it for 500$.
-0.840 The launch Michelin Primacy HPs are decent, but they added the Bridgestone Turanzas EL400 / 400 02 that are just awful, awful tires.
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