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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.890 Loving the rear wing though, it looks very much inspired by the Countach. Thanks for posting!
0.881 Hopefully OP is not parting with this lovely car :)
0.848 Truly amazing car to see like you said.
0.844 Everything about this car is beautiful except the front bumper-thing that looks like an ebay special.
0.844 Don't understand how you can take a pic of such a beautiful car then miniaturize and filter it so much. Also, I dig your /u/ - DnB is love, DnB is life.
0.832 Beautiful color on a beautiful car.
0.830 I absolutely love it haha
0.771 Me and Pablo Picasso agree that this is the most beautiful car ever made.
0.681 Lol too true, look at the fenders
0.681 It is definitely a car that looks far better in person then in photos.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.873 Very dangerous as if you keep pressing on the engine there's no minus engine to remove speed, so if you accidentally lean on the motor you may accidentally overpower your car.
-0.649 I looked at my buddy and he was dead to the world.
-0.637 I can hear James May getting pissed about the track from here
-0.557 If I manage to get stupid wealth to do stupid things I'll buy this car.
-0.527 It is a bit of a pita as a daily driver...
-0.516 But I don't think you understand just how much money these people have, and just how little they give a shit.
-0.511 what an ugly car.
-0.510 The front is not great either.
-0.497 That said I was assuming it didn't come like this out the factory, if it did it's probably painted like the throwbacks.
-0.477 It's a shame the 12c is known for being incredibly unreliable as a car.
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