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0.971 hahaha so NOW they want free trade agreement? Yeah, you'll get your free trade agreement, if we get free movement across your borders.
0.951 > On paper this sounds good but do we honestly expect any of these parties to work together on anything? If they hope to get re-elected, then yes.
0.931 I would say though that it isn't necessary to enroll in Immersion, but maybe like an after school Spanish or French or whatever you decide would be best, would be good.
0.922 Fentanyl seems like a part of it, the increase in opiate popularity seems like a part, the decrease in opiate prices, the increase in other drugs being tainted with fentanyl seems like a part.
0.920 Canada remains one of the freest countries in the world that enjoys tons of freedom. You are the definition of libertarian, which is fine!
0.919 Great faculty, gorgeous campus, and beautiful city.
0.918 If you treat other people better there's a better chance of them not murdering you.
0.910 He said he's using those $1,500 dinners to talk to those rich people about the benefits of taxing the rich to support the middle class.
0.905 I would have to check, but i'm pretty sure dividends payable from public company stock to an employee would be a taxable benefit and imputed into the employees income.
0.905 Better education and awareness as well as access to health care for people working in and out of the trade are both very important to help in this process.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.971 And your suggestion that rape, murder, slavery, beheading and trophy-taking are in some way unique to the First Nations is both racist and ridiculous.
-0.955 How do rape, murder and slavery relate specifically to a lack of technological invention?
-0.950 It was strongly implied by your invocation of rape, murder and slavery that you believe the First Nations to be culturally inferior to the European settlers.
-0.949 The thing wrong with prostitution is the slavery and abuse of the sex workers & harassment by law enforcement.
-0.944 From my perspective, it was the darkest, loneliest, most depression filled, borderline suicidal time in my life. sounds about right....
-0.923 If you believe that the flu shot is ineffective, or that it doesn't prevent illness or death, or worse that it CAUSES the flu, then you're believing lies.
-0.918 "if we invited foreign invaders in, you would attack them anyway." Big bad Murica is being rude to poor wittle Canadia!
-0.915 Unfortunately for you guys, people are getting sick as shit of it, and even Hillary's attempt to call half of all Americans deplorable racists backfired on her big time.
-0.914 Hell I've seen people get to the till with a rotten bag of apples, then go back and grab a new one themselves and it's in even WORSE shape.
-0.910 It really doesn't apply to accidentally using the wrong word but if someone were persistent and hostile enough it could possibly become a harassment complaint.
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