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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.840 Thanks everyone for your comments what a nice morning :) I'll post more soon!
0.836 Wow, she is amazing!
0.811 Very beautiful, hope to see alot more of you.
0.807 Ok, cool peace to you!
0.790 wow she's got some moves, thanks for the post!
0.772 She is like perfectly proportioned.
0.744 Oh so very fun ;)
0.735 That's a pretty neat bed platform.
0.735 :-) loving that gap.
0.727 Made some pretty good videos before her boob job.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.780 Going back to an iPhone, how the hell do people use devices that small!!?!?
-0.743 So you need to chill the fuck out and my raw nerves are not the nerves to be struck.
-0.727 I've been completely civil with your dump ass despite you trying to act macho.
-0.710 they didn't all load for me but holy shit at #3 and #9
-0.709 Hot as hell!
-0.670 There's a difference between being desperate and "just saying" So next time you want to try to be an ass, think before you type.
-0.670 That ass alone deserves its own sub.
-0.637 The pictures posted of username: miss Alice 18 is illegal.
-0.598 Look that shit up!
-0.594 And just who the flying fuck is this??
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