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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.932 So yeah either that bare minimum or any evidence that it can even drive in any inclement weather would be a good start before I'd feel comfortable trusting one with my life more than I trust myself.
0.891 If this becomes popular enough, colleges will just raise tuition even more and even more people will continue to get priced out. But smart idea to attract top talent.
0.881 The one good thing about opening on Thursday night is that Fridays are pretty awesome without all the crazies out to get $99 TVs.
0.866 The value is dependent on the demand, and if your rich friends tried to convert their life savings to bitcoin the price per unit would spike well above what it is now.
0.836 Lmao you're giving way too much credit to the average.
0.778 Im from australia but I used to love RC cola as a kid.
0.778 Yes and you obviously understand the difference but some don't and then argue that the electoral college is undemocratic without understanding the point of it; to protect states rights.
0.768 This isn't a shot at GM per se but I can't remember the last time I drove a new car and said wow, I want one of these whether I needed one or not.
0.751 And if the wealth is still there then where is the money that represents that wealth?
0.743 However, that was rolled back due to lack of sufficient support in favor of health care exchange run by private insurers.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.881 It's ironic because Ayn Rand writes about how incompetence in leadership and corruption ruined the world, and Donald Trump is the very epitome of that incompetence and corruption.
-0.796 Go be a pedantic dumbshit with someone who gives a fuck about your shit.
-0.758 I'm not defending Wieden+Kennedy's creative decisions to go with this campaign -- it's a total disaster.
-0.726 Which means you missed that boat, and buying them now would be extremely idiotic.
-0.718 Just fucking kill us already...
-0.700 No, he was just busy doing other shit.
-0.691 Can we kill the word "just" in all headlines?
-0.690 we're so fucked.
-0.649 >commissioned after a devastating tycoon sank five ferry boats.
-0.649 Libertarians are brain cancer.
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