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0.948 I still use A for jumping, but right trigger soft pull for accelerate and full pull for boost is amazing, then left paddle for drift and it's the best driving controls I've ever used
0.915 We truly value you as a customer and look forward to seeing you again soon!" Pretty outstanding.
0.909 Love em, super comfortable, but beware, when the mic is up it auto mutes, a nice feature, if I knew about it, which I didn't till recently and always thought they just couldn't hear me :/
0.891 Purchased this 3 days ago and am able to put my coaster, phone, mouse, and keyboard on it and still have more space for my mouse than I did with my old SteelSeries QcK, pretty awesome to be honest.
0.868 unless of course amazing deals like this come around! thanks for taking a look into it!
0.860 WD blacks are great tho.
0.846 you might not be able to hit 144hz in games but even general windows desktop will feel 100x better and g/free sync is god damn amazing.
0.840 I DON'T shop at Fry's but my grandson Timothy Smith sure loves them.
0.836 Wow yeah thanks man.
0.834 yeah but cs:go definitely ULMB only lol.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.880 You're entitled to a dissenting opinion, but I don't appreciate the insinuation that I'm an "angry old man yelling at clouds" because you disagree with me.
-0.874 Fuck that site. They also wouldn't even let me use that promo code, despite my first order not being honored. I think they're trying to swindle some percentage of the customers.
-0.840 This logo in particular is worse than others because it reminds me of the PC Master Race circlejerk, but any logo is worse than no logo.
-0.812 Man I've been so disappointed going Nvidia card this upgrade cycle the price of G-sync monitors vs Freesync is just stupid.
-0.784 It was delivered on Monday, no bright or dead pixels at all, but didn't come with a Displayport cable which i think is stupid given its a freesync monitor.
-0.780 Yea, I forgot to order the fury X a couple days ago when it was DIRT cheap
-0.778 I hate TN monitors for their poor color reproduction
-0.775 They had to open the cage for it because the shelf was empty but they override no problem.
-0.774 Absolute worst case scenario they don't honor it and will refund the money.
-0.761 Not That bad, but still scary with only a 14 day window and you have to track them down.
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