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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.953 Asking for help seemed like a better way to go as there are people who are passionate and happy to help!
0.932 Thanks. I do my best to help my people of the internet to their greatest.
0.929 Well I'm happy I made the right decision 5 years prior to knowing I'd move :) Thanks for the help!
0.922 Thanks for the alternate, though - I didn't see that one and it's clearly the superior choice. Yep, I think the general consensus is that the 1070 is a better idea, so I'll probably go for that.
0.921 I've never gilded anybody before but I'm super impressed with how fast you responded and how well.
0.919 :D Thank you for all of your help, you're an amazing person. And now the wait begins.
0.910 Since I wanted to watercool it, I'm pretty sure I'd need a new motherboard and I thought "Well since I'm already having to buy new stuff I might as well buy something amazing"
0.907 I get that "self-promotion" can annoy a lot of people sometimes, but I was just trying to share something that's fun and thankful for the /buildapc community
0.905 Be careful about scammers on the sub , but aside from that it's a great way to save money if you can buy your parts over time.
0.904 Mid size is probably the perfect size for you. **Feel free to ask me anymore questions, I love to help.**

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.937 Big box thing is PC aka the magic box that does shit, where all your shit is stored so it can be processed into refined shit and the monitor just shows you the refined shit.
-0.883 >either you guys are fail programmers with terrible coding skills or you stealing my info and constantly uploading it to your mainframes?
-0.880 I think I would have gone insane with rage and desperation if you hadn't helped me solve it!
-0.869 I meant unfortunately in the context that Its unfortunate I cannot tell you whether or not they are good or bad because I have no experience with their support.
-0.848 Notice how the worst monitor tested only goes up to 42 ms , while the worst TV goes up to 112 .
-0.844 It never pays to cheapen out in things electrical, you could damage your entire PC if things go bad and there's always fire hazard involved.
-0.836 It's ugly as hell though.
-0.832 Overclocked my processor, no problem Overclocked my graphics card, no problem. Overclocked my RAM...........
-0.830 I've read some scary shit about 3 month old drives dying randomly and whatnot, so im kinda hesitant.
-0.826 I haven't done any research of my own, but people have told me to avoid seagate's 3TB drives due to unusually high failure rate.
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