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0.943 3) Say that you understand that compensation wasn't agreed, but ask if they can be nice about it to help you out. Good luck with the job hunt!
0.911 Most charity shops will have it, honestly, I look every time I go charity shopping and whatever area of the country I'm in there always seems to be > 50% charity shops with Hot Fuzz in them!
0.891 Are you going to just accept that shitloads of religions have events around the same time and "Happy Holidays" and "Holiday Season" can be used?
0.890 It's usually benign things like "are you happy with this service: yes or no?" Last June, I went to get some money... *Should the UK be a member of the European Union?
0.884 Not quite 'breaking news' but, wow, wasn't vine the most popular thing on the internet a year or so back?
0.883 I'm pretty sure you will be popular and welcome in both places if you do that.
0.881 Also, I'm happy to stick my hand up as a Coldplay fan. And The Darkness are fab.
0.869 I bought a mixed bag of fun sized chocolate sweets, and a few bags of fun sized crunchies.
0.859 well what I mean is I'm pretty sure there shouldn't be any condensation, assuming the windows and window frames were good and the damp inside isn't already excessive.
0.859 Coldplay's song works because their best traits embody Christmas music: warmth, simple songwriting and optimistic lyrics.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.930 We try our best but it's a shitty company and a lot of our customers are rude so we just become grumpy old bastards
-0.886 Is this a legitimate post matching the theme of the board or are we going to start the bullshit "war on Christmas" nonsense?
-0.883 But fuck the poor, they are all retarded anyway.
-0.852 You're wrong, and you're a grotesquely ugly freak.
-0.823 You don't get to be pissed when it's you who has been the retard.
-0.816 In regards to the speech, there is no way in hell there isn't such a speech prepared for every member of the royal family already.
-0.813 That shit get's whored off WAY more.
-0.802 We'd take various european kids out for a full english and they used to turn their noses up."This is why you are all so fat" used to make want to kill the little shits.
-0.802 Besides, weeping angels don't really creep up behind you. If they're behind you, you're already dead.
-0.802 And then even Chaos spawn filth will know fear!
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