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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.920 It's only two episodes in so a bit hard to say, but it's definitely a cool idea with a lot of potential and the episodes so far have been great!
0.914 Nothing like Bb but great, and pretty short .
0.900 Cranston's delivery was pretty perfect and then music in the scene was great too.
0.890 Not just Walt, but Hank too. Hank makes fun of Walt for being so easy to read, and says that he knows whenever Walt is bluffing.
0.881 And most of the audience cheer for Walt, so understandably they don't cheer for Skyler, who wants him to stop and just be a good chemistry teacher and a good husband.
0.834 Marie is a psycho, but she's married to a likeable, good guy.
0.824 Do you feel like it wrapped up a little too nicely, or were you impressed by the way Walt was able to tie up his last loose ends and help Jesse?
0.823 It would definitely be better for the people of Albuquerque in the grand scheme of things.
0.813 It hardly has anything to do with his love for chemistry, let alone putting it above love and family.
0.785 I would imagine those to be the mutual attraction between Walt and Gretchen while Elliot being involved in sort of a love triangle.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.940 So I think Gus' terrifying death threat to Walt and his whole family is just that - a threat.
-0.938 And while Walt is related to Hank, which could be a bad thing in prison, Walt also killed Gus, who poisoned lot - if not all - of the higher up cartel members.
-0.919 Killing children probably on more than one occasion, killing women as a punishment.
-0.910 Skyler is married to a lying, child poisoning, murdering, rolex wearing, Aztec driving, drug lord.
-0.878 I always thought it was because he was seen at gales murder and he could send a message by killing him.
-0.873 I disagree that he intended to kill her at the beginning, however he absolutely made the decision not to save her.
-0.856 Walt fails to wake him and sits there is frustration for almost 30 seconds before she begins to choke.
-0.844 In a sense Walt avenged the deaths of many cartel members and in a way was a reason why the DEA agent, who killed Tuco, died.
-0.836 That dead eyed piece of shit will do just about anything he is told.
-0.818 How it went from "I'm doing this for my family" to ill kill anyone who gets in my way.
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