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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.964 Sinceramente, no sei o que mais gostoso, o ouro ou as lgrimas salgadinhas que vamos consumir agora. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
0.944 My father is in Rio right now and he's really happy and loves every bit of it. Also, a huge thank you for cheering for Serbia in today's women's volleyball semi-finals against USA.
0.920 I'm not American myself but I'm sure Brazil is a beautiful country despite all the crime happening.
0.886 Pretty much all of the Brazilian spectators supported us and shouted with our fans, it definitely made our players feel good!
0.883 It was with great insight and unshakeable dignity that you ruled the Brazilian empire for over 50 years, ushering in a time of lasting peace and prosperity.
0.880 I've stickied it, good luck and please keep us informed of anything we can do to help!
0.862 Gotta love those extra Great Person points!
0.862 My Friend, Adicionei voc como amigo pra te Stalker. My Dear Friend!!
0.858 Lmao I can't imagine how tough it must be having Chicharito as your nation's best player, my condolences
0.833 WE LOVE YOU <3

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.906 Se eu falar que nunca comi um verdadeiro po de queijo :( aqui no sul os po de queijo na maioria muito ruim, claro, deve ter os bons mas difcil achar.
-0.881 > Somebody posted a long and annoying text there complaining and feeling outraged for people stealing mangoes from the mango tree at his/her house.
-0.878 God even you guys have fallen for the anti brazil circle jerk Now it's just self loathing The Olympics is fine, there have been much worse
-0.869 As someone from India, which has often been at the receiving end of such circlejerks, I feel your pain but also am the least surprised by the staggering amount of bigotry and racism on reddit.
-0.863 > Hell, I don't even think the majority in America are racist rednecks "Rednecks" are already a small minority of Americans.
-0.863 Coming in from r/all, fuck all the haters wanting to see another embarrassment.
-0.862 > So far, no athlete has gotten sick from sailing or even swimming in the waters of Rio. Bullshit.
-0.848 E quem quer usar arma pra cometer um crime no se importa em cometer o crime de ter uma arma.
-0.848 O cara mudou os comentrios de "fuck /u/spez" pra "fuck ". No foi um ato poltico, foi um ato trolltico.
-0.844 Didn't a Belgian sailor get sick? Edit: You can downvote all you want, but fact of the matter is that OP claimed no one got sick from the water and at least two sailors did.
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