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0.914 I've missed the first weekend but I might have to give this a go myself :D EDIT: Looks like I'm a week late to the party but I might give it a go regardless.
0.893 I am a fan of golden syrup, but, for me, [set honey] wins hands down :)
0.880 I hadn't heard of this, but this sounds like a great idea and very fitting with the sub!
0.836 The food is good people are friendly and it's a nice setting.
0.832 Sounds like fun, get on with it :)
0.832 Great idea OP and the perfect reason to get on the bike .
0.831 I find as a professional chef that great tasting and nutritious vegan and vegetarian dishes are much more rewarding.
0.827 Adding peanut butter to flapjacks sounds like a great idea. Swapping the syrup for set honey is also good. And if you find it's not sticking together well (esp.
0.791 I really wouldn't waste the moments leaving a recommendation here over leaving one in /r/vegas. For now a sub focused around sharing pictures of cake runs with your clubs or bikes in the picture.
0.788 Great little place, the owner got talking to me when I was there and he really wants to promote cycling in the area.

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-0.790 > bacon butty, flapjack & a coffee 5 Bloody hell what a bargain!
-0.542 It's been a bad time of year for it.
-0.466 A couple of lads I know had a ride out there this morning but I was busy so didn't join them!
-0.432 I'm actually in a bind now as I don't think my normal stops do pancakes or waffles -_- I'm in half a mind to post this on r/ukbike too but cross-promoting isn't always welcomed.
-0.421 Though I'm guilty of not uploading lately myself.
-0.421 For now I think asking for a recommendation on my upcoming trip to LA would be a complete waste of keystrokes.
-0.402 I don't think any of these would be a problem though I'll have to do more research on the outdoor service.
-0.340 I would definitely prefer to hire cyclists who know the trails and city but doubt I would be able to exclusively.
-0.340 Mind you, once you've found a shop, perhaps you're already most of the way home :/ Time to get a co2 inflator or a bigger pump?
-0.338 with whole oats) you can help it a bit by crushing the oats and if you're really desperate, add a tablespoon or two of flour.
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