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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.943 I never heard of these books but I am sure they are something I would have loved when I was younger. Because we all know how awesome dinosaurs are.
0.931 Fantastic novel, I have a deep fondness for the way the book is set out - love the letters!
0.926 People love fascism, they love to have a purpose and know their purpose within the Great Purpose.
0.925 Dear Life and Too Much Happiness are both pretty outstanding.
0.921 You don't really have an argument with regards to our discussion. Your original blanket statement that I'm just totally like wrong like and that he is actually like super duper good like you know?
0.919 Reading is one of the best things you can do for your mind and heart, so glad you're enjoying your newfound hobby!
0.912 He had a remarkable and passionate life that is worth celebrating.
0.908 Such a great read, I really loved the way the humour was deployed and the book within the book was quite gripping.
0.902 I love the book and hope you learn something: like levar burton says on the Reading Rainbow: don't take anyone's word about books - just read it and decide if you like it or not.
0.895 Also just like others, I like the footnotes too, they make the world more alive and rich.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.967 Absolutely, never said otherwise. I like a lot of bad movies, but I know they are bad I like a lot of bad books, but I know they are bad
-0.925 Hell, Forever War is a blatant metephor on the Vietnam War anf it's one of the most acclaimed SF novels of all time. SF is about exploring who humans are and who we might become.
-0.917 Now that I think about it, I think 75% of the book is just his mind covering up for the insanity he was slowly falling into after witnessing the horrors of war.
-0.917 I love it, but I still prefer the poverty of the Marmeladov family in Crime and Punishment over the relative exuberance of Nastasya.
-0.912 I hated it so much, and was pissed I'd wasted 75 cents and a half-hour of my life on relentlessly bland tripe, that I chucked it at the wall.
-0.910 Death should serve a purpose that's thematically consistent with the rest of the book, and the sudden decision to portray the horrors of war felt jarring and amateurish.
-0.902 Maybe it's the instant gratification of social media but the idea of picking a book up bores the hell out of me now, and I really hate it because I feel so much less intelligent than I used to.
-0.900 It's awful if you've read any science fiction written in the last 10 years. The characters are one dimensional - There are multiple scenes where the main villain sits talking about how evil he is.
-0.885 I liked the first two okay but after that they really devolved into just terrible writing, tropes and rape fantasies.
-0.883 Some people are really upset that there won't be as much angry racism in the story.
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