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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.937 happy holidays you wonderful ppl thank you for making my life better.
0.932 So I saw an opportunity to correct and encourage you to highlight what I thought was a pretty neat property of muscles.
0.917 I am doing martial arts and I started to notice some good strength just recently when new people start to join and I pretty much smash them easily.
0.914 And then I started to laugh so hard because I was so happy that I lost control and just crushed to the ground. Still super happy.
0.908 I praise /u/eshlow for such a wonderful masterpiece.
0.905 Then came Overcoming Gravity which taught me almost everything about training there is to know so I thank you with profound admiration Steven for this amazing resource.
0.904 That book changed my outlook on training, and I'd love to keep it for the rest of my life. Thank you all for this amazing community.
0.904 I need to improve my strength and endurance quick and efficient as I don't have that much free time.
0.902 Wow that's a lot of a dedication, that's awesome man keep up the good work!
0.900 Currently unable to do any pullups at all, but doing 38 normal pushups with OK form, doing 350 support hold etc... I bought rings last week and tried some angled pushups, support hold and rows.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.882 I remember getting DOMS ages ago when I first started working out, but haven't felt like this in ages so couldn't be sure if I would be doing myself harm by doing another full body work out.
-0.879 At this point I was around 79kg/174lbs which I know doesn't sound like a lot but I was too heavy for my weak ass muscles.
-0.844 I also tried to overdo things as i felt more confident but that made me feel bad again and i even hurt myself doing that.
-0.813 I have some painful shoulder problems caused by a previous work injury that flair up with weight training.
-0.791 I wouldn't trust anything from these responses because they have no clue what's wrong with your joints. You need to see a qualified professional. edit: remove cussing.
-0.788 i see, i thought that was the case by doing them both but i was worried maybe i did the regular one wrong.
-0.765 I wouldn't put a ton of stock into a single reddit comment from a year ago with 3 up votes. A lot of stretches and exercises are bad for you if you do them wrong.
-0.764 It was a kinda epic moment since I've tried to do it for month and finally alongside a scream of pain I was able to do one!!
-0.758 I wouldn't advise doing what I do on a deficit as recovery will be a bitch and may lead to over training.
-0.758 All I did was kick-ups and the amount of times I had fallen over infuriated me.
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