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0.922 Still, stronger forearms help stabilize in pressing movements and a good grip is awesome to have inside the gym and kitchen ;)
0.908 It's hard to say exactly the benefits of it but my strength is going up, my joints feel not awful for running high winny, and things like my skin seem to be tightening up.
0.906 Today, my plan is to get a haircut, relax, grab food for tomorrow, get ready for my tan, and eat a lot of good food. I'm more than happy to answer any questions you guys have.
0.906 It's this machine that costs around $7k and I'm thinking awesome, I get free body comps by a super accurate machine.
0.905 Haven't been able to do that for 4 years, it feels so good man :D after some physio therapy I think I might be in the clear for deadlifts and squats!!
0.896 Wow, that truly is a great resource.
0.891 They truly want the best person to succeed
0.891 you're not the only one, it's definitely not aesthetic but it's pretty impressive still.
0.884 Generally on weekdays its at my university's gym BU but on weekends or days I have no class I go to greater Boston fitness which I absolutely love.
0.883 So I went with the half scoop and just had the best workout of my life I'm pretty sure.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.927 I just use my anger for the shitty pop music there to get even more fired up...resulting in some people doubting my sanity...
-0.908 Unless you're a pornstar, nobody gives a fuck about the size of your balls. Taking breast-cancer medication to come off of medication for endstage cancer patients is bad enough as is.
-0.869 that episode made me both cry and almost puke, when brian ate stewie's shit
-0.859 If you think your arms and delts are big enough before you start your cut you are dead wrong.
-0.859 I have the worst resting bitch face and my fake smile looks *real* rape-y.
-0.856 I expect to see you again on the front page with some sick as fuck post cancer progress pics.
-0.851 He Just posted a video about Alan thrall, so much cancer in one video holy shit
-0.827 Broke my right little toe a week back, hurts likes hell.
-0.827 Sound of violence is da shit
-0.817 Which works for me, Im such an inner fat ass that wants to so badly to eat anything and everything.
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