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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.983 Wow, super nice idea and great way to get folks sharing the love -- I've PM'd you :D Thanks!
0.964 Does designing and creating these great games and expansions afford you a comfortable lifestyle? What do you do for fun besides design board games? What's your favorite movie? Huge fan.
0.962 Ice cool for example is something I'd never heard of but looks like great fun for a younger audience and the cynical non-gamers. One thing I've seen done pretty well is theme related.
0.960 Wow, i have this game and in pretty good condition, nice to know i can sell it for a decent prize, had a lot of fun with it
0.960 She goes great lengths to make sure everyone is having a good time and make sure the store is a friendly place for kids and adults to play their favorite games
0.957 Hope that helps! And well done, that's a great little gig you have :) I spoke to one of the Guardian's reporters about board games today so obviously your paper is very tabletop friendly!
0.947 I hope you're getting lots of good press and future sales from such a PR stunt. I'm from the UK so haven't bothered with a PM but good luck :)
0.947 On a side note I am very pleased Isle of Skye won the kennerspiel - I love that game as well and feel that it has been somewhat overlooked by many, hopefully this will change that!
0.945 I think the point is not to show the games perfectly, but to enjoy them and show them as enjoyable and fun.
0.943 El Grande is best with 5, and it's one of the best games out there, certainly one of the best Euros.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.945 They are almost impervious to harm, and can kill you just by being close to you, so no, there is no fighting them.
-0.927 Forbidden Island Forbidden Desert Forbidden ????? I suggest forbidden tundra, with snow storms, needing fire, etc.
-0.925 The problem lies in the crowd-sourced element, or the lack of moderation of the playlists, leading to poor thematic match-ups and therefore bad playlists.
-0.908 Hell, they might be in an even worse position if they had manufactured in China, because the local shipping costs and destruction costs are set.
-0.908 "5.6/10 A punishment worse than death" - IGN review of Mighty No.
-0.908 To do it on accident is being dumb as shit, which I was ...to do it on purpose is being a jerk.
-0.904 Was Dominion intentionally designed to turn my girlfriend into an evil genius mastermind bitch, or was that an unfortunate side effect?
-0.902 This question may get a little personal but I know it's one I've struggled with as a designer. Have you ever put out a game that you didn't 100% love, or weren't absolutely thrilled with?
-0.896 We never did any of the expansions, but we did have Battle Masters, too. Why the hell HAVEN'T they re-released it?
-0.888 I know CR will still be available, but I think this whole Next-year delay will kill what viewership Tabletop has left.
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