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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.945 [Their Acceptance Speech] It was awesome to hear Elton John praise TMW and hail Graham as one of the best guitarists in the world.
0.940 Yeah I don't care a whole lot about the reviews, but I like keeping track of them and it makes me happy that it's received so many positive scores!
0.925 I personally feel like the other tracks are unenjoyable, but don't listen to me, The Great Escape is my favorite.
0.901 Many people seem to dislike this song, but it's pretty cool. Plus that bassline is sexy.
0.898 Also love the GQ picture where the art looks like a mix of The Best Of and The Magic Whip.
0.893 I was hoping they would release Ong Ong as a single because I think it has great potential to win over some new fans.
0.893 That looks like such a massively awesome concert, all three days are packed with great artists.
0.893 Omg I love this thanks for sharing!
0.888 It amazes me how awesome and energetic they still are as performers!
0.878 I hope the band's taking notice, because they should be proud with such a great reunion album.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.796 Holy shit, I was trying to get the same tickets you got, just for shits and giggles and it says they are no more.
-0.784 Still no Pyongyang sadly :(
-0.778 Fallon was doing some sick harms ear the middle of this performance!
-0.743 Seriously, a lot of the tracks off this record are catchy as hell.
-0.691 Freaked me the fuck.
-0.680 Dead in comparison!
-0.660 >one of the last rockstars He's still a twat then
-0.649 I was scared to listen to this in case it wasn't as good as their earlier stuff....
-0.630 Fantastic album but can't top their best albums ever.
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