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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.928 Dude I wish I was that cool when I was 12 This picture wins the whole fucking sub, mods better just shut it down now, unless you've got more gold like this.
0.918 I love that someone that loves you had to put that in such a lovely pewter frame!
0.829 I had a friend who used to stay over on the weekends, slept on our couch and used Pika as a cuddle buddy XD
0.807 Pretty rad and an awesome mom.
0.802 Everything you do is super fucking cute and I can't stand it
0.772 The last best place...err something like that.
0.772 I bet you're cool, thanks for sharing your shame lol
0.765 I wish I took care of those growing up.
0.765 Cheers, brother. Bonus: if that is a D&D 3rd edition, you might be my first boyfriend.
0.751 Yeah his opinion better, and sure, I think I will

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.850 I recently found an old pair of UFO's, they don't fit anymore but I'm saving them in case I ever stop being a fat piece of shit.
-0.765 Found the angry, ugly person
-0.731 And I feel kinda guilty because I'd probably react differently if he were unattractive but my brain doesn't care
-0.681 The Franklin pajamas are fly as hell though...
-0.659 Every office needs one person to be bullied!
-0.612 Lets get freaky now, lets get fuckin freaky now
-0.611 I can not believe she has a different opinion to you, that is fucking disgusting!
-0.572 >Social groups hate anyone trying to be anything else than what the group perceives/wants them to be FTFY, I think.
-0.572 Facebook, tragically.
-0.542 Why do you think you have bad looks?
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