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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.973 but i will be the best and most compassionate person i can be to the world/china to show that america is for freedom and acceptance.
0.966 Late to the party, but as a teacher who has benefitted from the generosity of two kind strangers in past years...I can't tell you how appreciative I am of everyone who steps up to donate for this.
0.964 I won't be able to spend much since I'm in college but I'll do my best and I hope I can pass on some holiday cheer!
0.961 reddit is amazing, thank you guys for providing such a fun and interesting platform for content. This truly is the best site on the internet.
0.958 On the other hand, it will still be fun finding the perfect thoughtful gift for a random stranger to enjoy.
0.949 Have some trusted mods help in the verification process? The gifts that my lovely heroes have donated to my classroom have been amazing.
0.949 Well I love podcasts, and I love reddit, so I'm pretty excited about this.
0.949 Well, $50 isn't much, but hopefully when I share this, a bunch of my friends and family will help support Nepal :)
0.946 And is is disappointing to get a tooth brush that's out of the package, but it's a great feeling to see your giftee post their gift with a huge smile.
0.946 Its one of the great joys of my life, to be honest, because of the incredible positive energy that comes from it.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.955 Mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of, and often the most dangerous forms that lead to suicide or violence are often the most misunderstood, ignored, ostracized, etc.
-0.955 I wonder which murderer, child abuser or rapist the DOJ planned to spring from the overcrowded prison to make room for an open-source activist.
-0.955 Depression is a horrible state of mind and anyone here slagging him should think about educating themselves, calling suicide a selfish act only adds more to the stigma of mental illness.
-0.948 npr.org user comment on Aaron Swartz death: "An Internet activist faces felony charges and decades in prison for stealing words Wall St.
-0.944 The absolute worst is telling a suicidal person that they shouldn't do it because it's selfish and will hurt others.
-0.935 She was the daughter of undocumented immigrants, a short brown Mexican woman and she died horrifically in a terrorist attack because she was American. She taught me well.
-0.930 It is awful from the constant finger pricking, injections, infections from insulin pump, seizures, the constant fear and worry I have for her and the fucking horrible smell of insulin.
-0.926 My father was escaping a brutal civil war in Africa. A "terrorist state". We had green cards, which meant that we could live here permanently.
-0.926 I've heard of atrocious cases of child abuse and child sexual assaults, had one guy that was bragging about drugging women and raping them, and them not knowing about it ever.
-0.919 Please just fix the terrible useless horrible ridiculously bad search function
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