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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.912 The reason for this is~~ I would like >~~people to see it, hopefully enjoy it, maybe relate to it, and I like to see what, if any, interesting discussion it sparks~~ karma **FTFY**
0.827 Do you want to be a Happy Feet gif?, cause that's how you become a Happy Feet gif.
0.700 That hand wave at the end made me laugh my ass off, thank you for showing me this
0.668 Thank you very much, I appreciate it
0.637 I love joel
0.637 #Nomination Thread - Best Title
0.637 #Nomination Thread - Best Commenter
0.637 Best television show on television
0.637 #Nomination Thread - Best OC
0.637 #Nomination Thread - Best Submitter

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.649 Turns out he was dead all along.
-0.649 Killer Queen has already touched the phone...
-0.612 Surprised everyone forgot that he's a convicted rapist.
-0.611 This video is so fake
-0.557 I bet that dude got up and wished he'd died on the mat
-0.542 Don't be sleeping around them either-they might stick a banana up yo ass.
-0.527 Both had slaves with laws of dehumanizing people
-0.527 Because it's disgusting.
-0.459 Sucked in the dial up days too because then you would have to sit in a chat room or get on addictinggames.com for at least 30-45 minutes before getting down to business.
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