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0.967 *begins walking away, turning often as he slowly begins accelerating, eventually sprinting* thanks thanks thankYOU thanks thankyouooo thaNKS THANKS THANKS ThANkyOU Thanks thaskjdn thankd
0.932 No, thank you, it's greatly appreciated, I love this sub so much. PS: I breed birds, I'm hoping to get my Photoshop skills up to the necessary level to accomplish what you can do.
0.917 This is one of the best birdswitharms I have seen, congratulations! Also, merry Christmas.
0.914 HAHAHA this awesome well worth the effort!
0.910 Some of the posts on this sub just aren't very good, but this one is pretty much flawlessly edited, and I love it.
0.900 > People have one great blessing - obscurity - and not really too many people are thankful for it. Dylan, [Playboy Interview]
0.893 Welcome to our paradise, friend!
0.893 Thank you for your hard work, I promise to share it with my friends and use it as my wall paper on all of our classroom computers . Well worth your time.
0.883 Haha Awesome, thanks!
0.883 This is one of the best I've seen, both hilarious and aesthetically pleasing.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.916 HOLY CRAP I have been taking Vicodin all week after my surgery, and I sure AS HELL forgot that I subscribed to this subreddit. This picture scared the crap out of me.
-0.910 Racist mofo claiming he looks guilty because of the arms i bet smh oh bOi XDDDDD **100**
-0.910 This is great. "I don't know how we managed to order pizza, but I'll fucking kill you with my bow and arrow for stealing it"
-0.902 It may have been "hilarious and original" but this dead horse was beaten to such a pulp even the vultures can't find many leftovers.
-0.896 As someone who has a deep routed fear of that round faced steamy fuck, that sub is BY FAR the worst thing I have seen here.
-0.878 Get your weak shit out of here, other birds, *I* got this shit.
-0.869 Father to a murdered chick, husband to a murdered hen.
-0.843 This would be the most dangerous killing machine in the world.
-0.840 Trying to make ME out to be the racist one when its YOU who have made the racist remarks.
-0.791 your subreddit is bad and you should feel bad
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