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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.951 but I love it, just like I love pugs and french bull dogs.
0.938 I wish you all the luck in the world and have tremendous respect for the courage and strength of will it takes to navigate these challenges.
0.925 I'm pretty sure they won best group costume.
0.920 It's pretty fortunate that most of the Netherlands is nonreligious, because I'm pretty sure every nun in a 666 km range gets the urge to cross herself whenever I encounter a driver like that...
0.920 Gotta love the Burly-Town Halloween Ride. The Crow ride is a pretty fantastic event as well.
0.920 Great card and excellent way to announce your addition! Congrats!!
0.920 I can only speak from my personal experience but once you're a member for awhile you can get hella good interest rates on loans from credit unions.
0.918 Where I'm from that deserves a special form of congratulations! Roll Tide Roll!!! All the best!
0.917 It's beautiful, so beautiful that for the first few times across, you'll actually notice the beauty!
0.914 I agree with you, the new Tiagra is pretty nice ) So far, it seems to the best monthly salary I've ever spended.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.957 I was in good shape for my first, but holy shit, by three hours in I was suffering from the worst case of boredom I have ever experienced.
-0.949 FWIW, a quick google search of "driver prison kill cyclist" shows that several drivers have in fact been convicted and sent to prison for killing cyclists.
-0.930 Even if you're killed in your car in a car accident or hit as a pedestrian, the killing driver is not likely to be charged for manslaughter.
-0.914 I wonder if Assistant State Attorney Catherine Vogel would have thought there were "no issues" if it was her own child that had been run over and killed by that blind idiot.
-0.910 In Florida, every accident involving a death is reviewed by prosecutors for potential criminal charges.
-0.908 If there's an accident it'll be relatively low speed and at worst there might be a broken bone.
-0.902 Mine was just so bad and the resulting atrophy so bad that it didn't look like I as going to make it back.
-0.895 I do agree that everyone makes bad risk assessments from time to time though, but we shouldn't be glorifying them as badass, but note them for how dangerous they actually are.
-0.891 How is it that when we get a post to /r/all all the awful Trump supports, KiA shitheads, and TiA morons decide to come in here and make dumb comments?
-0.888 Last time it was a grandmother with her two grandchildren who just stopped dead in the middle of the bike path because they saw a dead badger on the road side.
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