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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.953 I've seen for myself how addictive WOW is,as an example. I had a friend whose husband preferred WOW over sex with his wife...He spent every waking moment when not at work playing WOW.
0.922 Free tuition, free healthcare, free "this", free "that".
0.902 It seems perfectly reasonable to create a business model that encourages microtransactions in order to make a profit.
0.889 They're so rich because they're so good at finding ways to make a profit.
0.888 I'm glad those words were helpful, and I hope you have good people around you to share the struggle.
0.882 Genie wanted/needed to save Aladdin but interpreted a nod as a wish after offering to rescue him, which is pretty unfair in my opinion.
0.876 I can't speak for everyone, but for me personally, it matters because you're getting super salty over nothing and I find it hilarious.
0.866 I'll duct tape it up there" I love my iPad and the rest of my Apple products, because they do a damn good job of doing the the things I need effectively and easily.
0.862 "If there is a god, he should still love me, I'm a good person, that's all that really matters in his eyes right?" I told them.
0.858 "Hey, whatcha doin with a girl like that?!" "She'll never get your humor like I do." It's very similar to the OP images of the guy asking her why she's with some pretty boy with a manbun, lol

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.937 The war should be with poverty and the battles are whatever specifics are causing poverty in the communities that are victims of it.
-0.920 All the violence and scary stuff you see on TV is heavily influenced by poverty or the oppression from powerful people or organizations that have left communities for dead somewhere along the line.
-0.908 There's no doubt being raped is worse than being punched.
-0.904 Hundreds if not thousands of people die every year crossing the border, countless more are raped by the smugglers taking them across.
-0.902 What the hell is wrong wth people?
-0.896 Your parents should be ashamed of the non-accomplishment of turning your defective ass loose on the world.
-0.896 By that point I was praying for a terrorist attack or engine failure just to make it stop.
-0.863 If you're dead, does that mean I'm dead too?
-0.863 What pisses me off is that America needs to have a war against poverty and they don't.
-0.859 Bush's gov't did lie to you, sending you to war and kick-starting almost two decades of terrorism.
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