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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.936 Happy Thanksgiving, Marry Christmas, and have a wonderful New Year! Thank you for all the amazing comics you give us!
0.930 Happy turkey day and thanks for giving me hilarious raunchy Bertstrips to show my friends /u/valladian
0.923 Congratulations you have been awarded the Jeff&Paul award for excellence in not getting the joke.
0.908 That's pretty cool actually, I like that. The problem is though, start giving shameless weebs confidence by flattering them like that?
0.902 Number 1 all-time seems kinda far off, but I will graciously accept my current title, and possible future title, with pride.
0.900 All in good fun though, and a Happy New Year to you as well.
0.900 Yeah I love a good chuckle before I fuckle
0.898 It builds off an ancient middle eastern custom of offering a bowl of raisins to honored guests- 72 raisins waiting for you in heaven is basically saying you'll be an honored guest.
0.893 Happy peasants using their free time after work and on weekends to serve their benevolent god-kings.
0.886 # Praise glorious dear leader Ellen Pao. *^^This ^^message ^^was ^^satire ^^in ^^its ^^entirety.*

Ten Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.953 You are hurting me, you are hurting yourself, and you are hurting the whole goddamn universe by WASTING YOUR FUCKING TIME ON THIS BITTER FILTH HOW CAN YOU EVEN JUSTIFY IT?
-0.941 Hi I'm /u/resonatingfury **AHEM** "Rape niggers faggot Vietnam murder babies." There we go.
-0.939 If you want to know who reported this vile racist shit, it was me you fucking low life asshat.
-0.934 Technically by killing the first nigger you are killing the first human so they are annihilating the entire human race.
-0.930 If you chicken shit racists fucks had any balls you would sign your name to this shit.
-0.912 Censorship is bad, but sexual assault is worse.
-0.909 This is the most vile, hateful, xenophobic shit I've ever seen.
-0.894 No wonder why suicide bombers are so eager to die for Allah, I'd fucking convert to Islam and destroy myself in a baptism of fire and blood in a heartbeat if that was actually true.
-0.886 But Bert's appalled look has a bit of gravity that demanded Ernie say something really offensive and outright shameful.
-0.881 it's calling on this thing that some criminals do to avoid feeling guilty or accountable for their crimes - they blame the world instead of themselves, for not catching them or stopping them in time.
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