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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.853 Thanks for using your genius for good not evil.
0.832 In conclusion, great jobyou have excellent story telling skills.
0.802 Thank you for sharing my content with others and supporting my work as I try to make a name for myself on YouTube.
0.784 lol this was awesome.
0.764 Love how you nailed that scarf as well as your interpretation of the brunette at this "Meetup"!
0.747 I'm really glad you like my comic!
0.747 I'm really glad you like my new BTG!
0.743 I love it, well done
0.721 Nicely done foreshadowing :P
0.717 I hope you like it! You can find more of my stuff on my [website] and [Facebook]!

Ten Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.859 How could men that crazy and tough lose the cold war, I will never understand.
-0.796 Not only was it an emotional rollercoaster, but it was also a bit of a mind fuck as Linda seemed to be the one with PTSD instead of Thomas who actually went to fight in The Great Bear Wars.
-0.778 Hell hath no fury...
-0.691 One of those cats went for the kill bite to the back of the neck.
-0.670 Fake trees can catch fire too though?
-0.612 This clip is taken from my [Working Man] YouTube series about a deluded idiot who does bad work, thinking he's helpful.
-0.612 Now i'm going to scream at my wife about the trauma from the great bear wars.
-0.586 That's a good way to cut the hell out of your back.
-0.571 That jerk deserved it!" But then I had to stop and realize that was *probably* an innocent otter that just got cold cocked for no reason.
-0.571 danger noodle...!
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