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0.962 After tax and shipping it's only a $4 money make for me, but worth it. Thanks! Edit: That's weird the shipping quote at cart said $5, but final checkout was free, so great!
0.908 Besides, I don't mind how many codes I get, if it's 1 - I'll take the time to donate in your honour with the code. Thanks again for this amazing giveaway!
0.784 It usually pays pretty well and helps a lot of people out.
0.771 FYI to those considering the offer - the meter will keep track of every site visited through your router, so if you like your privacy, I'd suggest giving this one a pass.
0.765 Thanks for this, who did you contact to find out your reward was pending because of multiple devices?
0.758 I've never tried to buy a gift card with a gift card on Amazon before.
0.718 That's disappointing, I'd say most devices that support N, also support 5GHz, since most of it's benefit comes from that.
0.713 Working retail/service/food industry they all get Mystery Shopped and management would LOVE to know who the people are..
0.710 These are the ones that come to mind: - /r/forhire - /r/slavelabour Good Luck
0.707 First off, I'd link to thank you for this gift card.

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-0.710 I got the e-mail too, the only problem is it neglects to say the days of the promotions as far as I can tell.
-0.700 I fixed my problem by disabling Ghostery.
-0.599 No problems for me so far
-0.586 What I can tell you is there's 99% chance no one gives a shit.
-0.542 Flash will just go round eating things until we destroy it.
-0.511 Ive done 51 tasks and only 2 have been rejected.
-0.511 They failed because the company was charging impossible franchise fees that the owners could never realistically keep up with.
-0.494 using JS code executed from each infected host to simulate what a real viewer would do .
-0.477 Its just a white screen with the words something went wrong.
-0.477 Wrong comment thread...
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