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0.933 French speaking and much more rural but with equally good beers SOURCE: Am a Walloon and beer lover :)
0.927 I don't know much about specific beer festivals, but the Double Bock won Bronze for "Best in Show" at the 2014 Denver International Beer Competition.
0.914 I remember trying it on draft at Monk's in Philly and was super excited, but it was ok at best.
0.910 I love it, it is a fantastic beer, and I think that anyone that loves quads should try it.
0.898 The founders started a great business, made great beer and helped the community and now want to sell and realize their gains.
0.897 Good proce point and not a bad beer, as long as you accept it for what it is. Honorable metion to PBR. Would i pick either on a beer for beer basis with craft?
0.893 Seems like some excellent comic relief that harms no one, coupled with a great way to help out the community.
0.886 Personally, I thought that was a neat thing until a friend pointed out that it stifles innovation and creativity.
0.881 Luckily, they've got great brewing talent, and Jeff is still around.
0.880 Totally agree, but in addition to the difficulties of the lagering process you also need naturally soft water to get the really clean flavors you see with the really great pilsners.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.819 Unfortunately, Goose Island will not honor a bottle from last year. When it first happened, GI sent out $15 rebates for the bad product.
-0.772 20 years ago finding craft beer was a pain in the ass, now it's pervasive across damn near the whole united states.
-0.753 What kind of hell do you live in???
-0.660 Evil Twin is brewed at Westbrook so why not?
-0.637 I'd be pissed.
-0.617 New Belgium makes some SICK beers out side of "fat tire".
-0.598 Buy'n'drink that shit!
-0.598 Holy shit, me too!
-0.581 Coffestopheles was a good name, too, but it would have really been disappointing if they *completely* changed the recipe.
-0.564 I really didn't love KBS.
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