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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.965 I've seen some glorious beards in my time, but I think you my good man have won the most gloriously wizardly beard ever award. Seriously, my little three years beard just shriveled up in envy.
0.960 That's a pretty enlightened perspective to go with your glorious beard. Thanks and best wishes.
0.959 Maybe an error but I rocked that red visor from Tahoe to the border so I love it and am pretty happy to have it in the shot
0.933 Not a guy, but I really like beards. Trim the legs off your cheek, make it super neat and crisp.
0.933 I was telling my friends, while watching you; "this guy...this guy right here has the best Jeopardy beard, ever!" Good luck on the show, congrats on the beard!
0.927 You look great but I feel like you could look SUPERB in a darker suit.
0.927 love the beard, love the tie, love the poppy.
0.923 It's a good dad joke, and like all good dad jokes, it improves with age and repetition.
0.922 I'm truly glad to see that you guys, awesome as you all are, care as much as I do, and as much as I knew you would.
0.922 If I am blessed to live as long as you, I hope I have a beautiful snow white beard like yours.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.905 It's called "Poop bomb" and you are supposed to just throw it at an unsuspecting victim and scream POOP BOMB!
-0.904 Hahahaha, stupid cancer, stupid chemo.
-0.898 Damn that shit is tight as hell.
-0.878 Fuck depression :(
-0.872 A bearded white guy might get up to a 7, but bearded asians are intimidating as fuck!
-0.869 Beard cancer is the worst bro!
-0.869 You're just a faggot that spreads cancer.
-0.862 They get all over my face but I don't care because I love EGGS!!
-0.859 I might have cancer in my tight and id hate to have it removed but still cause the pain
-0.856 Not to be rude but holy hell this looks photoshopped
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