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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.917 http://imgur.com/gyYTa81 :) love minimalist wallpapers, that's definitely one of my favorite of all time.
0.897 I have had to defend using the mac keyboard with my gaming rig many times, but it is just an excellent keyboard. *and I love the beastly rig.
0.896 Super clean, I love it
0.886 Mouse friends are the best friends.
0.862 Please enter or enjoy the amazing stations we are bound to see!
0.856 Awesome contest will submit for sure :)
0.840 Nice, its so clean too, which is pretty rare for a time before minimalism was what it is today.
0.826 Ikea really is a students best friend.
0.818 Hey it worked out on my reddit is fun app perfectly
0.807 That's kinda the going price. I have a few friends that have this https://www.autonomous.ai/smartdesk-sit-to-stand-height-adjustable-standing-desk They love theirs and I'm looking to get one.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.912 I've been considering a smaller form factor but I HATE fan noise and I worry that would be a problem
-0.827 The hell is wrong with you?
-0.778 Whats the worst problem you've had with the 3?
-0.758 Got my ass whoooooooooooped for having our account banned for a year.
-0.746 I literally sound prob like a non-building retard but hey can't help it lol
-0.699 I need those monitors in my life so bad !
-0.696 I've been wanting to get the AOC i2769Vm, but have read bad things about the resolution and screen sizing of 27 inches and 1080p.
-0.668 dude that's a sick drum kit, if you haven't already, join us at /r/drums!
-0.612 No worries.
-0.607 Here's the actual source, since the website OP linked wants some shitty extension installed to download?? http://jujika.deviantart.com/art/The-Workstation-2-19440784
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