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0.926 The Marksman has a great scope for longer range engagements, the optical is fine, and factory is good for closer ranges. The Cei-Rigotti is really a jack-of all trades, great at none.
0.922 I'm not entirely certain what people should be getting/unlocking, but there definitely needs to be something. Finally, thank you for the great game!
0.915 Cool thanks, conquest seems to be the way to go I'm ptfong pretty hard usually get top 10 with like 5 kills haha :)
0.915 Here are my thoughts, I hope someone can help explain things and tell me it gets better. Medic is a fun class, the primary weapon seems pretty decent.
0.906 For instance, TDM - "Play 2 rounds" and "Win 1 round"...I played my first of the night, lost...second round, I won.
0.904 It spoke to me with all its glory and said "thou shalt be free to leave child", and as he spoke my whole body was shocked with ecstasy and warmth
0.898 PS4.......when trying to earn a medal, I think we should be able to get credit for any task we do in a round with respect to that medal.
0.896 You need to treat it like an LMG, and use it in narrow areas that need lots of bullets downrange, like hallways, alleys, etc. Stay out of the open, and it works great.
0.893 Of course in most situations a syringe is better, but the grenades are so effective on closer in maps like Argonne Forest or Suez.
0.890 I play solo, Dont really have friends on Xbox besides my actual friends who dont play too much.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.963 It made it a little more somber rather than "FUCK YEAH SHOOT YOUR MACHINE GUN ARM AT THE ENEMY BAD GUYS"
-0.938 Right now, you're no longer arguing about the mechanics of the game or the balance of the tanks, but how you can make it so even bad teams or people stuck in bad teams can deal with tanks.
-0.930 As a fighter, or hell, another attack plane, you have to ignore that 2 man attack plane or drop it instantly.
-0.923 I understand if a person prefers scout, but if a tank is constantly killing me or my teammates, I will switch to assault to take it down and then proceed to scout thereafter.
-0.915 If it had 30 rounds in a magazine it would be completely OP, but you can really only kill 1 enemy at a time with it and 2 if you are not missing shots a lot.
-0.912 It's big, it's scary, it's deadly, and makes the enemies scared and panic and rallies your team.
-0.911 I hate the spongeyness of enemies on this, can't wait to play this in hardcore without spotting and with weapons that feel like they do damage.
-0.909 Can Horses be killed? Do you get vehicle destroy for killing a horse? Are the Blimps able to be driven or are they like gunships in bf4/bf3?
-0.893 If there aren't any tanks that need busting, it's what I'll use to kill pesky snipers as Assault.
-0.892 Killing two people with a Huot is doable, but will you be able to do so before they kill you?
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