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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.949 The almighty Batman, super intelligent, super invincible, super boring character.
0.924 And I don't mean that in like a fucking, like uh- like a like a 'ooh, look at me I'm fucking smart, look at me saying all these smart words!' No!
0.923 He wont kill because if he does, he would then be considered better than humanity. So they dont kill for opposite reasons. Batman to be better.
0.907 Well, I love the new Batman design, The Flash looks awesome and BvS had its flaws, but was a great movie.
0.906 it always seems like supermans super intellect is only good for fictional space science
0.889 Obviously the kids shows like Batman: The Animated Series and Justice League didn't show killing because, well, they're kid shows.
0.888 He should be smarter than batman with his super intellect, but it would be pretty ridiculous to just have him be the best at everything, it would render the other characters obsolete.
0.883 ) They get superpowers and thier body gives then strength and heals their eyes like the way it gives them strength, durability, flexibility. Dont believe me?
0.878 Well Marvel has great young characters as well.
0.863 Seeing as you don't point out anything of the sort I'll have to say you amuse me at best. >You found me interesting enough to take screenshots, apparently.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.980 cause if you kill one person it would be the same since it is a new killer but if you kill more than one killer it is still just that one killer.
-0.945 A street vigilante who refuses to kill criminals when necessary is just stupid on many levels...because they for sure will kill him.
-0.942 I like to think that a killer who only kills killers only counts as half a killer.
-0.940 Yeah but they kind of killed themselves by trying to kill batman.
-0.939 I can say all I fucking want that I'm stupid, that I've made mistakes as a kid- I did a lot of stupid shit, I do a lot of stupid shit but I still don't understand the amount of stupid that I've done!
-0.930 What if you kill a serial killer? You shouldn't be bothered by how many killers are there in the world, but rather how many people are they killing, i.e.
-0.925 Cosplay is so stupid, not even stupid just plain retarded.
-0.911 Or maybe the bad guys are just so crazy they don't care how blurry shit is.
-0.908 Everyone's dumb, everyone makes dumb mistakes, everyone says dumb things...
-0.902 TIL Batman is racist, misogynistic and has the tendency of talking shit about PoWs and people who suffer from PTSD.
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