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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.950 When you're in the stadium, a pitching change is a nice way to shoot the shit with your friends, grab a beer, and just otherwise enjoy being in a fun place on a nice day.
0.949 That sounded like a beauty off the bat, and just as great of a call God I love postseason baseball
0.936 ARod is one of the best players ever, won a championship with you guys, and was a team player not complaining when they let Jeter stay at short even though ARod was way better there.
0.936 It's times like these I wish I wasn't a GM so I could be a sexy valuable free agent
0.934 Well, he was amazing on the A's and helped get a great prospect return, so clearly being on that team didn't matter
0.934 McGowin used to be interesting, but best case looks like a middle reliever.
0.927 But Pujols is one of the greatest right-handed hitters ever *along* with one of the greatest defensive first basemen and during his peak was a great baserunner .
0.919 On a per inning basis the past two years Rich Hill has been the best or second best pitcher in baseball.
0.916 All of these lifts mentioned are really good and will help but the best thing you can do is to play long toss.
0.908 I'd be happy for Hendricks but I'm a fan of baseball as a whole and Hendricks hasn't been close to as good as guys like Fernandez, Syndergaard, Bumgarner.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.976 > signing Dexter Fowler and Justin Turner fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck
-0.973 FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK I'm staying off the internet for a long time. Probably forever
-0.913 Really nothing special, but I'll take "just there" and "kinda adds stuff when necessary" over "this shit is awful"
-0.896 No, we'll just have to lose to the goddamn Cardinals in the playoffs again while they ruin another closer for us
-0.888 Follow the three "fucks" 1) What the fuck 2) How the fuck 3) Why the fuck
-0.875 He had a .328 career batting average and .462 slugging. Sadly, in August of 1999, playing his last game for the Devil Rays, he died in the club house locker room.
-0.853 Not if he hits negative WAR.
-0.850 AL fans always bring up pitchers awful offensive numbers during the DH argument like NL fans are going to go, "woooaaah, hold the presses, pitchers suck at batting??
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