/r/baconreader Analysis

Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.901 XD What a smart, charming guy.
0.896 If you're on Android - install Google opinion rewards . Do a few surveys, they reward you with play store credit.
0.892 Can confirm but still love you guys <3
0.880 Yes, but that doesn't justify a shitty experience with the free app.
0.872 I honestly bought premium to support the developers on the best Reddit mobile app I've ever used.
0.871 Thanks, that's considerate of you but it's fair to discuss alternatives :)
0.866 On Android: Install Google opinion rewards. Do a few surveys. Purchase bacon reader premium with survey reward $$$ Profit
0.862 Love the app, keep up the great work!
0.856 Otherwise this app is the best of the best in every way.
0.855 y'all definitely should take his advice he's so wise and obviously not an angry 14 year old.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.878 Tired of wasting my browsing time on this bullshit.
-0.856 The spammer can see their post and the comment total shows that they added a comment making it harder for the spammer to know they are banned.
-0.848 Hell, I've bought a cup of coffee more expensive than Baconreader Premium and I threw that shit away in 15 minutes.
-0.836 One of the most frustrating things about bacon is hitting a YouTube link, then having to kill the YouTube process because you can't back out while it's still loading the video.
-0.834 I fucking hate that shit.
-0.818 Because I'd like to use the unix code rage memes like narwhal offers, but see no option when postin a comment to add rage meme.
-0.813 It shouldn't make much of a difference but it bugged the hell out of me when trying out other apps.
-0.802 No screaming ads, no bugs, no crashes ...
-0.796 It's not frequent, but it's damn annoying.
-0.778 Just killing the app usually clears up the problem.
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