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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.971 Someone should think of a clever title and x-post this to r/rarepuppers it would be so perfect <3 posteman is bein a doggo's good friend wow doin me a BIG hapy!!!
0.964 I know that it's so clich, but it's the best feeling in the world knowing that your partner is also your very best friend.
0.962 Precious loving golden retriever doing something cute -- UPVOTE! I could watch a happy golden stare at a wall and it'd still be awesome.
0.954 What a beautiful picture, he looks amazing for 15, he has obviously been very well looked after and loved, you're both very lucky!
0.951 With what camera did you take this beautiful, beautiful picture ? It really is amazingly nice :)
0.950 This is so cute, I love how he's so gentle with his body check like "u ok?
0.950 Congrats!!! Hope you are ready for 14ish years of commitment and love!
0.944 puppy and kitty being best friends together forever, the fun never ends solving mysteries, one hug at a time puppy and kitty, two of a kind
0.943 Thank you for doing the right thing even though it was the harder thing to do and thank you for sharing this great example of kindness!
0.941 For the love of all things great and good in this world, please, let me live in my fan faction story of someone adopted this Cat and Dog.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.941 The enabling of this system that exploits animals is a far more terrible evil than demanding the immediate end to the perpetuation of this terrible system.
-0.938 You know, I understand animals are "cute", but these creatures in the wild are extremely destructive to farmers, and are known to kill and eviscerate small pets.
-0.930 No, FUCK YOU! Hell no, the cat is not going to...he IS! Nope, that's it, game over.
-0.925 Then the owner just starts again and the dog realizes that this is a fight to the death. The clip stops before the dog dies of a heart attack and the owner is jailed for life.
-0.919 The king of the underworld, that badass motherfucker, plague to all mankind and royal pain in the ass to the gods, named his dog Spot.
-0.915 If I can't find my cat in her usual hiding spots in 5 minutes, I start to panic and fear the worst.
-0.908 It must've been a torturous month, I bet that poor guy's heart has been thru hell.
-0.901 I missed you!" Or "Golly, we have so much fun!" Or even "dammit you smell so nice", but for plenty of them licking means "I hate what you're doing to me so stop it before I bite you".
-0.900 This reminds me "Dogs are not that strong, I can just kick him and kill if one attacks me" Just imagine him with his jaw clenched on your calf, shaking his head with the same speed back and forth..
-0.896 55 year old jaded cynical bastard and I teared up watching this damn thing.
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