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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.954 Guy's pretty successful now making 6-figures, loves supporting the Indigenous All-Stars and has a fair bit of pride in being half aboriginal and half Belgian , and 100% Australian.
0.911 Yeah but then you'd have to, you know, *pay* for something. Edit: Lol ok kids, calm down, is just jokes.
0.904 Good thing our government has a great understanding of technology and never lets politics get in the in way of making the best IT decisions for our future.
0.902 Hopefully FH3 does really well and it encourages more development based on our great southern land.
0.896 I wish you all the best and hope this whole debacle gets shelved until Centrelink can guarantee 100% that any debts are genuine and accurate.
0.886 It's on businesses to evolve and innovate, it's not the consumer's responsibility to act against their own best interest.
0.886 And even if you can honestly say 'no' to all of these , Congratulations on your wealth!
0.884 Only the demo is out currently, but if you like driving games, I reckon it's fucking awesome.
0.878 'She's our queen, show some respect!!!' Always love that one :D
0.876 I think a UBI has some merit, but there needs to be a balance between taking care of truly basic needs vs incentivising people to work.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.972 Thought crime would be thinking about commiting a terrorist attack. This guy sought after and downloaded instructions for bomb making and carrying out terrorist attacks.
-0.959 **NOPE** it proceeds to shit itself the moment the towel lands on it, and the smell.....god that smell of its shit is the most toxic, vile, offensive misama ever to insult my senses.
-0.942 Of course they know it's bad, but if their father was an abusive person, they are subconsciously drawn to abusive people because that's what feels "right" to them.
-0.939 Antifa literally makes me want to die, they are so oblivious it drives me insane, they claim to fight fascism by using fucking fascism to silence and scare anyone with an opposing view fuck antifa
-0.911 "Fake news." "Elite media." They think if they talk the talk, they can tap into Trumpism, not realising that this stupid meaningless talk is yet another sign that they can't be trusted.
-0.909 These anecdotes are all very scary, no one wants traumatic brain injury.
-0.900 Bastard coated bastards with bastard toppings..
-0.898 I think it would be a different story if your parents denied you the use of a toilet for four hours and made you shit into a pillowcase. The treatment he has described is horrific.
-0.892 Plus the fact that after the war, a number of gay prisoners had to CONTINUE TO BE IMPRISONED.
-0.890 pedestrians are hurt by cars way more, focus your anger and fear at them.
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