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0.966 This is very technical area -- custom analog filters, super good clock, super good power circuits to handle the super good clock, high quality capacitors, transistors, op-amps, etc etc and so on.
0.955 Honestly, I can get any music I want via piracy, but I still like to support the artists that make what I end up truly enjoying.
0.954 pretty good pretty good pretty good
0.949 That's awesome, thanks for sharing. Truly beautiful stuff.
0.948 Excellent post! I'm sure that someone wealthy enough can certainly afford to pick up some trendy new savior like the Devialet and wow the unwashed with its accuracy.
0.936 That is *very* nice! I like the customized BEST cabinet :) My GF and I are planning something similar with ours; hairpin legs and a hardwood top plate.
0.928 Wonderful! A big thanks to everyone here for making this one of the friendliest and most useful audio forums on the Internet.
0.928 Really enjoy playing Destiny on the Xbone while flipping records, can play mindlessly while enjoying sitting right in the "sweet spot".
0.926 Good call on those Harbeths :) Nice to see them in someone elses happy home as well.
0.926 But it got me the best speakers out of everybody I knew, I off loaded my second hand classified finds to a good friend and still heard them regularly.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.973 Chronological? Rob: No... Dick: Not alphabetical... Rob: Nope... Dick: What? Rob: Autobiographical. Dick: No fucking way.
-0.940 Shitty FM signal, through a shitty factory amplifier through shitty factory paper speakers pointing at your legs, drowned out by road noise.
-0.934 I find them horribly grating, but my hatred has alarmingly faded somewhat over the last 10 years.
-0.931 Holy shit. I have to feel bad for a lot of mastering artists, they're forced to ruin the music and know it.
-0.919 I mean big scumbag music corps who are bastards to their artists, i don't feel pity taking money from artists when so much of it just goes to executives who cut shit deals
-0.912 Sadly, DSD was killed by apathetic / incompetent Asian manufacturers and Sony's copyright schemes.
-0.907 Extremely lengthy argument hopelessly derailed by repeated use of the dreaded "vinyls."
-0.896 But I was simply ignorant and failed to understand that a failure of a 1 to show up didn't break the sound, it just made it worse.
-0.886 If I have 5 out of 10 people in the room that can hear a big difference between a crappy mp3 and a SACD do the 5 that can't hear the difference get all butt hurt and claim that the others are lying.
-0.886 You're the kid that sent me 14 messages and a pathetic attempt at a threat because I called you out for being a dick.
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