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0.974 Thanks for sharing and I wish you the best of luck! I have run a successful place thats managed to stay in business as everywhere else is closing- If you want to talk shop, I am ALWAYS happy to.
0.971 Beatles, got it, but it's like I'm interested in art, and you say "That Da Vinci dude, he's pretty cool" . Give some gems, your favorites, unexpectedly good recordings, etc.
0.948 Sorry for your loss but glad some fine people stepped up to help you in a time of need. Thanks for sharing a little of her world with us.
0.946 It feels weird to say that, but you both look like the cutest couple with so much love and the whole situation reminded me of my girlfriend.
0.942 I wish i was getting paid american currency to do it, but I love just being here so it's worth my free labor.
0.941 and I mean IF IF they are totally and amazingly super awesome and have it all laid out and ready to go you *COULD* set it up like a live record and just record it all straight "to tape".
0.940 The idea of being on a tiny island of a tiny island is pretty cool i guess :p Yay for Iceland though, awesome place!
0.927 Best of luck with your child, I'm sure you're already a great father.
0.927 I know it's not going to be the best of the best quality and people who are huge experts and have way nicer gear may look down on me for that..
0.924 Fair, they just have THAT tone, I usually go for the NI version, but maybe the tone just comes down to the people who play the originals ;-) That EMT replica I'd love to hear!

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.928 I used AirPhones a while ago, but it didn't play nicely with Pro Tools and suffered frequent buffer underruns if the wireless signal on either device wasn't ideal.
-0.915 Not only frustrating for reasons highlighted in this post, but so mind numbingly boring I wanted to cry at several points over the two days.
-0.906 Fuck! I designed this shit years ago - check out this site I made with renderings etc www.dellacose.com Fuckers stole the exact idea, where did you see this?
-0.904 Not sure of the question, but I think part of the answer is keep failing. Keep finishing projects no matter how bad they are.
-0.904 Download the latest version, reinstall, no difference. Fuck you iLok, you worthless piece of shit.
-0.896 So you can make it just mainly bass. EDIT: Don't listen to me, I'm a dirty filthy liar who deserves to rot in hell.
-0.895 have been abandoned by most companies, breaking a Logic dongle back when it cost stupid money was an absolute disaster!
-0.884 I'm not an advocate of pirating when you're making money off the software, but if it's broken, you need it, and the company is a heaping pile of shit; go for it!
-0.878 The wife and I *loved* watching Burn Notice, and it might have been the worst offender of bad ADR.
-0.872 >This tendency to "enhance" the part is all too common I hate this, and it's getting worse and worse.
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