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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.960 I wish you the best of luck, and I hope your journey is a fulfilling and fantastic opportunity for you.
0.955 Every child deserves to feel like they can grow up to be like that hero, and to feel like they deserve respect and love.
0.952 There are good examples of aid work they have done, good examples of families with strong ethical values bringing up considerate children.
0.929 I sincerely hope that you find closure and peace in whatever form is best for you.
0.923 Just as many folks are hoping that the success of Deadpool will open the door for more R-rated blockbusters, a successful Sausage Party could open the way for more R-rated animated movies.
0.904 Yes people are impoverished, just like every other country in the world, but there are government systems in place to help, are these systems perfect?
0.901 Funny, he imbued them with the divine inspiration to create these wonderful things, but had nothing to do with the gay ones being attracted to the same sex.
0.900 Hopefully you guys are impressed that our political party is trying to shun religion and are inspired to vote for HRC!
0.896 Some people of faith are super awesome.
0.893 He felt it was the only way to keep liberty and freedom as valuable objects/ideals for the masses.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.930 I'm not as extreme and saying kill them, but some form of punishment for racism and discrimination should be enforced.
-0.920 What, you expect atheists to ignore injustice because of some false equivalancy bullshit saying it's just as wrong to point out bigotry as it is to be an actual bigot?
-0.918 You support terror attacks yourself, but when polls show muslims supporting terror attacks, that's bad!
-0.912 I got the same shit when my mom was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and died within a few months when I was 15.
-0.910 For the first time I considered death as an end of my existence, and I spend the entire summer terrified and tortured by the concept.
-0.902 The kind of people that think shooting a black person for trying to kill police is racist, and that denying a job to a woman for any reason at all is sexist.
-0.900 >This is totally not an example of a theist making up shit on the spot and contradicting previous made-up bullshit. Or just different theists with different contradicting brands.
-0.896 Am I going to ask a skeptical community if something that sounds like pseudoscience bullshit is pseudoscience bullshit?
-0.896 I'm terrified of death and I probably always will be :(
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