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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.973 she could get more exposure on instagram, but she seems to have a pretty loyal following on Deviant Art, I'd say she's pretty smart playing it safe
0.924 I'm late to the party but your username is fucking great :)
0.917 I do it's pretty amazing, good luck out there bud
0.902 Well, let's say a higher screen resolution and higher PPI values are definitely going to help improve the experience
0.900 Life gets infinitely better and easier the prettier and more attractive you are
0.899 It's quite lovely, thank you for sharing :-)
0.898 Wow, this is certainly a contender for the greatest thing I've ever seen.
0.893 I hope I get reincarnated as a super hot guy so I could bang super hot girls
0.890 your butt looks so snug in them, it's so clean and fresh, I think I love you!
0.888 Gawd that is a beautiful and perfect bubble butt <3

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.957 I would fuck the hell out of that ass until I was incapable of fucking and then I'd fuck it some more
-0.932 What the hell is a basic bitch? Are there more complicated bitches?
-0.923 Like I have family members who do that they'll watch a horrible rape documentary murder she wrote style thing and not bat an eye but someone drops an F bomb and suddenly the world is collapsing.
-0.914 why are they doing this?... edit: lol you dumb faggots downvote for the stupidest shit.
-0.906 She hit the floor, next thang ya know, shorty got low low low low low low low!!
-0.905 Would not expect to see something tastier than the ice cream in that photo but damned if that ass is not miles better.
-0.902 I'm such a dick as I had her block me because of some stupid argument.
-0.902 Ms Dinkleberry died in a horrific airplane accident. The airplane crashed into another airplane. Fortunately, young mcdinkleberry was home with his babysitter.
-0.899 This girl is hot but annoying as hell
-0.898 plagiarism sucks dick but man that watermark is in a terrible fucking place and basically ruins the photo.
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