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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.973 I enjoyed this video so much that I commented here too :D It's a fantastic video, so warm, friendly and very relaxing :)
0.953 Unusual but relaxing video as always sistah haha Thanks for the submission :) What did you ask for christmas by the way?
0.940 I love the Russian Language! Edit: Wow and she has some really nice art talents.
0.912 Perfect for when you want to [curl up] with a delicious drink and beautiful sounds on a quiet night.
0.910 You are so very welcome! I'm inclined to delete this post so that the newer version can be linked without people getting confused, since that seems like it'll give the best outcome.
0.881 I think your automated system is giving a false positive off of the show title "I Love Lucy" in this case.
0.796 But I confess, I do love a good Gordon cooking.
0.796 Playing make-up with my nieces and having waist length hair and being very open about the fact that I loved having it brushed and played with.
0.791 I'm happy someone else appreciates the ASMR factor of the video.
0.778 Happy 300th video, and thank you for working so hard and so long to share ASMR with all of us.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.802 Shitty HD that died is my money.
-0.778 A while back she was featured on a video from some popular Youtuber slating ASMR and apparently she started receiving death threats as a result :(
-0.705 It's a tough differentiation, but it's no big deal, especially if no one's explained it.
-0.680 And it'll startle me, which is never awesome.
-0.659 I've experienced asmr all my life, but I only learned about the phenomenon after my hearing loss, so never knew to actively seek out the sensation when I had two working ears.
-0.637 It was a horrible nightmare where I was lost in this dark, nasty run down school and I found a brightly lit, clean white room with a window just big enough for my arm to go through.
-0.625 She told me there was a door to the room I would have to find, and that the school was purposely built to be confusing and scary.
-0.599 I thought I would die.
-0.571 that stove is fucking disgusting
-0.542 So, I gave it up as a bad job.
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