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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.946 X-D Googling... stunner stnr noun informal *a strikingly beautiful or impressive person or thing. "the girl was a stunner" *an amazing turn of events.
0.935 I love bra and panties shopping :D, going with such a gorgeous woman like yourself would be a bonus
0.931 You look gorgeous :) Love the see-through top and the choker ;)
0.896 Successful business owner, great personality, attractive, sexuality is off the chart, and into open marriage.
0.871 Cute cute cute!!!
0.852 I honestly can say that I won't make it to the opening credits before I move onto "chillin" all over your amazing body.
0.838 Yeah it's a really pretty color :)
0.835 2 people helping each other stretch is very helpful, and if both are Nude, is very fun.
0.830 Wish i could cover that beautiful face in so much cum ;)
0.818 Congrats on the awesome skirt^and ^booty.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.735 Damn your ass really sticks out in those leggings. What did you end up getting?
-0.681 You have one hell of a body
-0.542 Can you Include your face in ass pics?
-0.542 why not include face with the ass pics?
-0.459 No problem princess ;)
-0.421 ill show you what this mouth do ;).
-0.363 I've been feeling a little sick.
-0.340 I'm about to jerk off.
-0.340 My Netflix ran out :/
-0.296 Missed this.
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